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Aw, C'mon people watched the movie, ne? Tongue What was your fav part? Least fav part? What needed changes? La-Dee-da and all that, xD

- - -[Spoilers]- - -
My fav part was, when Al randomly came out of the suit of amour at the end!! Although I did kind of expect it >_> Least fav part was the dragon part...God.

But above all, I think it lacked 'something'...
Don't we already have something like this in the FMA section already? Either way.

I liked the part where Ed completely owns the lady(havent watched the movie in a while. forget her name)

I didn't like that Gluttony was still alive. and he got huuuuuuge.
Is the movie worth watching because i saw the entire anime and am reading the manga and still havent seen it is it worth it?
you havent watched the movie yet? well. If you want the endin to the anime you need to watch the movie. If you were satisfied with the endin to the anime, then you dont need to watch it. The manga and anime are completely different, dont you ppl think?
They go in completly different directions and i wasnt really sastified by the anime ending so i guess i will watch the movie.
Hell yeah he was huge O.O Kind of creepy too. Gluttony, I mean. I also didn't read much of the manga? You mean, there's a huge different between? ^^;
Dante from the anime isnt even in the manga
They start of the same and then go into completly different directions, the manga is still going stong tho.
SHES NOT ?! Oh,wow...O.O
Its that different. She's replaced by an old guy
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