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I think Naruto needs to use Kyuubi chakra more or he will. I mean like major use. Not the chakra he used to fight Neji, but the kind he used to fight Oro. I want to see more of that. Will that be happening anytime soon?
He needs to be able to channel that chakra better so that it doesnt end up killing him, because recently all of his moves are double edged blades and hes getting a beating from him self more than his opposition.
But thats what makes Naruto so awesome.

Super Pwnage=first
Ya but if he wants to beat sasuke hes gonna have to step it up a notch because he is still outclassed by him as hard as it is to say
Eh. Perfectionist.
Pretty much i guess.
when does 359 come out? today or tommorow? the translated
depends, its more likely to come out tomorrow based on the time of releases over the past few weeks tho
To sum it up, Deidara has a flashback of fighting Itachi. He becomes mezmerized by the beauty of Itachis ms and sorta loses. Then it flashes back to the present and deidras arms are damaged and he starts to eat whats left of his dragon, he says get ready for c4... Dont know for sure if this is what happens but it has been confirmed on alotta sites...
Thats what happened i just saw the RAWs for chapter 359.^^
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