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See title Smile
Ooh, that was an unexpected plot twist! I don't know... is that really Lavi's feelings? I'm actually inclined to think so.
maybe he juz snapped, oh yeah, i juz really think that someone will suddenly come outta nowhere, the vampire guy(forgot name coz didn see him anymore) or the girl(dry, i like d.grayman, but i juz dun remember the name of this series unless i read dem) will release her powers or something. i dont noe, juz a feeling.
Poor Lavi ;_;
awww man....
lavi snapped....
maybe kanda and crowley will show up...(veri veri unlikely)

but then, the author would like to make lenalee's dream real....
so this suks T-T
Allen will awaken from his half dead state juz coz he got a really frightening feeling, more frightening then the earl or all the noahs, CROSS!!, lol, that would be really funny.
im talkin about the one with the moon where she cries!!!!
i noe, but thats a continuing of the dream, allen suddenly woke up coz cross suddenl came. i dunno, i forgot most of the story already coz, of its been so long since i read the series.
word^ it geting blurry ima have to back track cause i dont even rember when they first started fighting noahs

yeah cross lost it
im talkin about the part where in lenalee dreams that they all die!!! (chapt after the crowley castle arc)
the author would like to make that real wouldnt he?
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