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    What would you be if you were a Seven Deadly sin?? Vote now!
If you want post why you would be this! I would be Gluttony..because I seem to eat too much and never get tired! (high metabolism)

XPeace Out!
I want great marks without trying too hard, newest manga/anime to date, new fashion/cloth, new PC, play every games in every console, etc & etc just about everything that I desired, but cannot be fulfilled at will.
Yep....I used to be Greed! Until my Dad got me on the anime "schedule"
I wasn't allowed to read and watch as much anime as I used too! But then my Mom and Dad forgot so now I'm back!

XPeace Out!
As for me, I'm currently living alone, so no one restricted me as long I can pass the current college semester.
I have no self control... I can just eat and eat even when I ain't hungry but i dn't put on any weight
lust...except male...
cuz im a schexy beast and im also a B.A.
A mix between Gluttony, Greed, and Lust(male version tho)
Gluttony-I eate and eat nad never gain weight
Greed- I want a job, so i can buy stuff. And i want to exercise so i can gain some muscle, so i can look sexy...which leads onto my next sin
Lust-I'm horny
I can get pretty lazy...
and i procastinate form work alot...
(like im doing now.... DOH!!!!)
If i want i would like to have envy spesial power so i could change into anybody and get everything i like
greed..i'll mostly do anything for money..kind of except something like killing someone or myself
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