Full Version: Which Naruto character are you?
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    Which character are you most like as I said! Look at your personality and think....Once you have it tell me! Let's see if we can get all of the Naruto Characters on here!!!!!!!!Big Grin

Who am I most like?? I'd say Tobi! I'm a total goof and can be really
stupid at times! Cool

Try for EVIL character test and love compatibility tests! Or if not try! ENJOY!Smile
I actually see myself as Shikimaru. I am pretty smart, and I like to just relax and play old man games, as they say in the manga.

Of course just like Shiki, and I am really lazy and just don't do anything up to my potential.
Shikamaru for me too.

Lazy as hell until something really pisses me off.
My friends says that I'm like Sakura once they got to know me, but when they were 'getting' to know me they said i was really shy like Hinita. LolBig Grin
Temari because she is smart like me, rude like me, a strong woman like me and beutiful like me!
No offense to anyone but I don't like it when people say they are like shikamaru because they are smart... but trust me, I don't know ANYONE as smart as him. I would say I am most like... Choji actually, because I seem to underestimate myself most of the time but there are times where I actually surprise myself at how good at something I am.
when this topic was made i thought alot of people will choose gara but there wasn,t well i am like Gara because he is serious and mystrious
took the test on
got neji.....
i wanna be sasuke.....T-T

i guess im neji cuz........
i dunnoe....
Well, I took that quiz, and I too ended up being Neji, which is actually perfect for me!

"You Are Neji

Proud. Driven. You fix on your objective and stick to it. Some people may see you as cold or even cruel, but they just can't see past your prickly surface. At heart, you care about your companions and may be a little more sensitive than you'd like to admit."

Yup, that's me!
I got Naruto in the Love Compatibility test XD And I who wanted Gaara..Tongue

[Image: lovenaruto.jpg]

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