Full Version: Naruto chapter 620 discussion
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My dissapointment for this chapter is obviously the lame excuses and further hype for Hashirama.

First he out of nowhere's get's "God of Shinobi" title too him and now Kishi makes it out that Orochimaru's first Edo Tensei summoning was 'incomplete' despite him being praised as 'perfecting' it and thus due to this retconned mistake, Hashirama and Tobirama are now deemed weaker back during the Chuunin Exams and are now more stronger and at full strength.

Aside from the retcon ..... I just gotta wonder .... HOW THE F'ING HELL DO YOU HAVE AN WEAKENED EDO TENSEI? I mean an indestructible body and 'unlimited chakra', the latter being where they're power comes from and in that form they have an unlimited supply's worth at thei disposal, so really they could do anything they could have before in equal to lesser or far greater extent due to that infinite supply.

This manga is really going down the drain.