Full Version: Naruto chapter 614 discussion
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I cried for my baby Neji :'(
The bird was just a bit funny but right after that i felt sad again Sad
ah,birds have been part of neji's symbolism for some time now Tongue
just makes it more obvious he's dead Tongue
I know birds are part of his symbolism. You have to admit that the shooting was a bit funny though
R.I.P Neji Sad
This chapter wasn't half bad since we got to see some Hyuug action, which hasn't been shown for quite some time in this manga. Although, Neji was killed off in this chapter I can't say that I am happy with the way it was quickly handled. The Hyuuga Clan deserved to have at least 2, if not 3, chapters dedicated to them since they were originally the strongest clan in Konoha.

On another note, Tobi change in demeanor wasn't something that I was excited about. I admit that I am one of the many fans that would like for Obito to take a more serious role in the plan, but the way Obito spoke to Madara proved that he isn't the one in control of the situation anymore. Obito needs to learn a little bit more about restraint before he can become a good villain.

Neji died. I'm pissed we didn't really see anything from Shikimaru except being analytic as usual, but neji's death should at least fuel Naruto.
Wow. Didn't think Kishi had it in him. Bravo. Now let's see if he doesn't pull a Kubo and magic Byakuya Neji back to life