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Well Sword art is here soooo...

And I really needed to put somewhere just how dead I was after this episode, I mean god damn son, nothing but the sound of my heart hitting the ground and shattering TT_TT
Pretty much the same feeling... I want the next episode NOW to fill this empty feeling I have inside. God damn having to wait a week. Sad

Seeing the end card after the credits reminding me next week would be the last episode was like a kick in the teeth after all that sadness :lol:
Holy crap.

I shat tears.
No, I'm not being sarcastic. I mean it. This.
This was the first time.
I literally had tears running down my face.
So the end is coming up huh?...
Oh God.
This was.
Just amazing...
Oh actually? Man now you're making me feel like I'm heartless or something Zero, I only usually have tears down my face for deaths, man now I feel bad for a different reason XD
^ Same, deaths are the ones that hit me really hard, cos then I know I won't get to see the character again and the reactions always make me well up with manly tears. :lol:
Actually yeah it's usually just the reactions that get me to be honest, I rarely cry over a death if no one is there to see it, it's more of the part when the family/friends discover they're dead and mourn over them that I start to tear up
Just found out there'll be an OVA next year Big Grin
I haven't watched the latest episode yet due to school kicking me in the face this whole week. I'll try and get it done by this evening.

I'm not talking to Spam because he's a Godpachi fanboy.
But... but what's wrong with liking Kenny? XD Besides I've already awknowledged that Aizen is superior so what's wrong with liking another alongside him? XD ah whatever

hopefully the OVA will be something like a DFM Wicked Eye fight, since I'm guessing the conflict will be over by next episode (it better)
Dammit... Sanae-chan is all alone now... T^T Her situation was worth my tears...

That jerk Yuuta should just be true to himself and accept to live with Chuunibyou... Because if Rikka doesn't put on the eyepatch back again I'll regret watching Chu-2
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