Full Version: Who is Cutest Child?
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Who do you think is the cutest as a child?

I think it is Orochimaru! When he grows up he aint to good looking, as a child especially when his parents died, he looks so cute!

Tell me what you think
orochimaru look quite cute too, but i think sakura or hinita was kinda cute...(my god...Sakura changed SO much from her childhood to now)
i'll go with Ino or Sakura for cutest as a child
sasuke and Orochimaru

i got weird tastes.....
well i don't think so (except matbe sasuke I hate him!)
Naruto and Sasuke? i think?
definitely chouji...!
me ^^ nobody ever said sumthin about naruto childs hahahaha
Haha, hmmm, definatly Gaara, his big, wide eye'd panda eye's are really cuteRolleyes
xell Wrote:me ^^ nobody ever said sumthin about naruto childs hahahaha

? u mean Naruto as a child or Naruto's child?im confused...
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