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I just pre-ordered a Nintendo 3DS. I will pick it up on March 27th when it comes out. The two games I pre-ordered are Super Street Fighter 4 and Nintendogs+Cats: Golden Retriever lol. I will get more games later once I see some reviews.
Nintendogs? Are you serious lol...
Yeah. Dead serious. You know you want to play it. It's in 3D.
I don't like Nintendo much, save for a few series. More into sports and shooting games.
Same here, but I got a really good deal on trade in value for my old DS, so it was worth it. There are quite a few good games that will be coming out later this year that I am looking forward too.
Handheld games are always subpar imo, except for Pokemon.(which I don't care about anymore.)
But if theres a deal, it's usually worth it. The whole 3D thing may be disappointing though.
I don't even really care about the 3D. The graphics are a serious upgrade though. It seems to be pretty cool. As long as I get more use out of it than my old DS, it will be worth it.
Wonder if theres gonna be another Halo game.
Not made by Bungie.
They should end that already. I am still wondering why Pokemon is still going as a game and show.
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