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Yeah, but at least they revealed that cool DLC trailer. :awesome:
Here's a question about consoles.

Sad to admit but I've yet to really experience the newer gen consoles that came out back in 06, the only thing I've been able to play is the Wiivia some mildly fun time consuming games. But no PS3 or Xbox360 .... though I wouldn't give Xbox the time or day since I hate Xbox.

Either way I'm curious if I was able to get enough money to buy myself a PS3, should I get the latest PS3 or would getting a PS3 with backwards compatibility be more worth my while; this way I don't have to go through the hassle of switching between a PS3 an PS2 just to play my older games. So what would be best?
Video Games aren't just what they used to be. Sure there's some gems here an there, but at most it's all a bunch of rubbish. An the consoles, just not worth all the money really, sure there's some perks to them but nothing that really interests me enough too dish out so much money for them.
play titanfall 2
Currently playing Minecraft(Bedrock) and Terraria for PS4
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