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Sparks Wrote:

Yeah, we will need a totally unique and individual story, that wil grab readers††††††
right from the start and keep that going right the way through. it also can't be too linear as in



i think we should have some twisted morals added to the story.

we'd also need the story to be Flame-proof and Water-proof. so that means we'll need drawers who can draw not only a character over and over again. but many different characters. with different emotions, different clothes even different forms (if we go down any path like that.) there's also the backgrounds and such. then we need to keep the story going. not heading off in a totally different direction. subplots are great. but people want a Main plot or two. the Project manager will need to keep all of this under tip-top shape and make sure people are up to the job. or it could go under water before it even begins to swim

Draik Wrote:

Sparks Wrote:

CrazyBleachFan Wrote:

Agreed. But first we would need a definite list of people who will participate in this and give them the pw. i can't draw, but I can do the rest problably. After choosing the leader and setting, I think it is neccesary to map out what our main character will look like, his/her alignment (good, evil, neutral), his past, any influences on her/him (love, friendship, hatred, revenge) and then we can delve into the side main characters. Well actually, maybe we should come up with the complete story first. Ah I think both ways are fine actually.

we'll need the whole story, all the main characters. all the emotional driven stuff. all the romance peaces(sp?) and then as you said what the main character looks like. this will have to include height ( in drawers terms) and we will also need the other characters History and such.

Shouldn't we start with the basics first?

†††† -comiacal?
†††† -religious?
†††† -action?

†††† - ancient?
†††† - underwater?

†††† -weekly?
†††† -monthly?

†††† -boy? girl?
†††† -age
†††† -personality and role

But before this we'd have to get a leader OFFICIALLY, start a thread of applications, and then distribtuing the roles and, then planning such as meetings and decisions, and finally starting

Draik Wrote:

Well you know what they say."No job too small."

Here's a take of my thoughts: My priorities are to accomplish my role as effictively as possible. Like I said, a face of a thousand masks. When everI work with what ever, I always adjust to the thinking of the people around me.

Here's what I think would be more important if I were leader
-The people working on the team. Are they happy? Are they progressing? Does anyone need help? If so, how?
-Proper Structure
Is everything organized? Do I need help? How can it be better? Are things properly timed (there have to be breaks from time to time)? Is there a job that needs someone?
-The readers
Are they happy? Are their ideas integrrated? Am I listening to them
Are they happy? Are their ideas integrated
-The future
Is it heading in the right direction? Where do I want to see it go?

Those are the things that would be important for me as leader of such a project.

And if you're leaving (you've probably already left), then goodbye, and it was a pleasure to post side by side with you.

jonaling Wrote:

ok ok.... u guys need an example.....
i figured

in the future where the world is controlled by 'kings'..
onli the rich survive...
the poor become poorer
nature is almost non-existant
fuels are running out
but no one cares
wars are impossible due to lack of resources
so how do some people satisy their blood lust and lack of money?
the arena


A boy... who is surrounded by blood crying is brought to the arena..
He has onli noe how to fight with the rest of his memories gone...
will have to stand through the pain and sorrow of life...
Is placed under general painmaiden, a kind hearted girl who fights to support her parents.
Onli to kill her ex-boyfriend who was known as general gladiator+cross.....

ACK TUITION!!! ill continue this later ta ta

Sparks Wrote:

In medievil times Where Holy Knights known As "the order of the White Cross". controlled over all land in Kiridor and faced a dangerous threat to all man kind... the war of the Dragons. After all humans had settled down and the White cross Kept order to the Cities and towns. A horde of dragons approached the Continent of Kiridor. A new recruit to the order, Our young hero Ryu(couldn't think of a name >_<Wink was forced to go to the front line of the war.

possible things that could happen:

the leader of the White cross is corrupt and has loads of people enslaved ( I dunno)

The Whole of the white cross is corrupt and Ryu and another recruit decide to leave and join the dragons side)

this war wasn't Only against dragons, there was a much bigger power at work (this part would more than likely be revealed Later on.)

Ryu finds a baby/child dragon and tames it to join the White cross.

The white cross gets crushed by the dragons and only Ryu, his friend and a lieutenant survive. and they go in search of survivers at the cities

If anyone can build off these options and then post, then someone else can††
add a bit and so on. (lets just keep this as the††main plot so there's no need to add any comedy bits in, as it's a rough outline of the main story)

I think this would be a good manga since it could be based on strength. instead of spiritual energies and so forth. and they could go in search for relics of war or W/E...

CrazyBleachFan Wrote:

that seems pretty cool Sparks. i am a fan of sword fighting and how the characters react to different styles/weapons specialists. We could do alot from that. I also worked on something. It's not that great, just patched it together kind of, but it is spirit based so we will have to extremes to choose from which is cool.

In a modern world on the planet Geneva, there exist many different beings, humans, monsters, spirit users (powerful humans), and demons resembling humans. They have always been conflict and war amongst these factions, but now there begins the greatest war to come. The two strongest factions, Dark Abyss run by the demons, and Spirit Protectors (names can be changed lol I couldnít think of anything besides those) run by the spirit users are beginning to mobilize and the destruction of the world may be at hand.

A demon, named ???, with a mysterious past and incredible power is about to join the highest rank of the Dark Abyss, with his Master and 6 others. His final test is to go and kill a strong spirit user. He is given a deadline of 1 month. He finds a spirit user named ??? (a girl), but is unable to force himself to kill her. He finds himself inevitably dragged into her world, when he is attacked by monsters and she rescues him. Over some time, they find themselves becoming friends (maybe hidden feelings also).
Possible stuff after this

He decides to protect the girl and leave the Dark Abyss, which causes upheaval within the society and they send demons and the higher ups to get him and stuff and he finds out about his past and why he was drawn to a spirit user, when demons are supposed to not have those kinds of feelings. Also, the girl decides to bring him to the Spirit Protectors and things happen there as well.

I like it, because you start out with an evil character and really the only thing keeping him in check is this girl. He also has a mysterious past that we can have a good time thinking of and applying as suspense and shock. I have a pretty good idea for it, but I donít want to ruin everything by just posting it.

Useless Wrote:

ummm i have a very ROUGH idea for a REALLY sucks but i guess ill post it

okay so there are 2 warring factions(for reasons i have yet to think of) and they are named _________ a warrior faction and ________ a mage faction
the 2 main characters(1 on each side) are geniuses(w/ weapons for warrior and magic for mage) who are sent into battle and end up facing each other. they are about to kill each other when a mysterious 3rd faction, _________, stops them and takes them to their HQ.
the 3rd faction tells them the real reason behind the wars and are sent out on an adventure to stop the oncoming threat w/ a gurl from the 3rd faction who knows both magic and swordsmanship

once again this is a rough outline that probably sux but its a thought

Arctic Wrote:

I'm gonna draw on the "Cross" Idea

In a land called ____, there are three great nations at war.

The Republic of _________
The ______ Empire
and The Kingdom of ______

Each nation has their own armies, fleets, etc etc.

The Elite Unit of the kingdom is called the Grand Cross.

Our young hero, _______, is a trainee (uses a lance, but is also skilled with a sword.) that just got accepted into the GC.

He's an orphan, raised by a mysterious masked swordsman that disappears one day all of a sudden, and then he is taken in by a peasant family.

But that was shattered when the ______ empire attacked their village.

He was out hunting that day, so he was the lone survivor. He swore vengeance on the ashes of his village, and set off to become a member of the Grand Cross.

Other possible characters:

An assassin girl known only as Kunoichi for the kingdom of ______ that attempts to kill our hero but fails and loses her memory in the process (hit by a rock xD)

A mighty general that is our hero's mentor in the GC

An archer that's one of our hero's best friends in the GC

A axeman that is another of our hero's best friends in the GC

A general that destroyed our hero's village for the ______ empire

A female mage, our hero's love interest.

A female swordsman that's a rival to our hero.

A Knight that works alongside the hero but is really a spy.

etc. etc. etc.

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RE: Suggestions.

what happened to my story?

Yes, I made these myself. No downloaded brushes.
06-05-2007 09:05 AM
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RE: Suggestions.

yeah and my template? You think it was easy coming up with a word like template? I'm not English you know!

06-05-2007 09:10 AM
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RE: Suggestions.

Where is it? I just went through all your posts, and I still didn't find nil.

06-05-2007 10:20 AM
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